About Us

We are three sisters with three distinct personalities and three very different fashion palates.  We want to share our passion in clothing, shoes, and accessories with others who love style just as much as we do.  

What makes On Second Thought unique is that we showcase the BRAND NEW and latest in fashion selections-by us, alongside our exclusive PRE-LOVED clothing, shoes and accessories, direct from our own sister closets.  Click on the Catalog drop-down menu to read all about our different collection features.  

Have a look for yourself and tell us what you think; or, on second thought, just buy your favorite looks from us.  You won't be disappointed, and we stand behind our brand in being your fashion go-to.  Clothes are a necessity, style is a statement and fashion is what you make it.

Truly yours, 

Sister Y, Sister T, Sister K
Co-Founders & Sisters
On Second Thought